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The £25 to £1,000 Betting Challenge on Betfair

This is a fun challenge with fairly low risk and the aim of the challenge is as always, to beat the banker!

It involves laying (betting against) one horse at odds of around 9/1. By laying at these odds, you will effectively be placing a 1/9 bet. The aim is to choose 33 9/1 losers and progressively bet on them. This is more easily explained below: 

Step 1: Sign up for a Betfair account clicking on the button above and using the referral code TDXYFRKQL. This will give you an extra £25 when you stake £25 if you win or lose so you're either getting an extra £25 or you're getting your stake back (so in other words, you can't lose!).

Step 2: Follow the following instructions to make a grand!

Bet 1 - Choose your bad horse at 9/1 that won't win. Look up form etc at The Racing Post, Racing UK or GG for help on what horses have the least chance! Lay for a profit of £3 (liability of £25)

Bet 2 - If you have registered with the referral code TDXYFRKQL your bank balance will now be £53.00 (£25 initial stake, £3 profit from bet 1 and £25 sign up credited bonus). Now lay a horse at 9/1 for around £5.25 (this will vary depending on the odds but use your whole £53.00 balance as liability to ensure maximum laying profit for each bet). When this bet wins (the horse doesn't come first) you will be up to £58.25.

Bet 3 - Bank Balance: £58.25, Lay: £5.78

Continue this method for 33 bets and you will be on just over £1,000! The table below shows how the bets grow and the bets you should be placing. Please note the odds will sometimes be above/below 1/9 but as long as you use your whole bank balance, it will keep growing fairly quickly!


Bet 1: Here we are laying Taaresh @ 16:10 Huntingdon. Its lay odds are 9.6, so we lay to make £3.00 with a liability of £25.80. Therefore is this horse wins the race we lose £25.80 but if.when it loses the race, we win £3.00 profit on top of our initial liability of £25.80, so we are up to £28.80.

Bet 2 - You will then be credited an additional credit of £25 after registering with our special referral code bringing your balance up to £53.80. We then place this on the next race to earn a profit of £5.38. When this horse loses and we win our bet, our balance is up to £59.18:

We then continue our bet another 31 times and we will be on £1,000... HAPPY DAYS!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we can all make a little extra profits!