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Football Favourites Enhance Odds

This system relies on choosing a bet you think is certain to win. This is then double with all outcomes that are possible in a second bet. It is better explained in the example below:

Two football matches:

Here you would expect Liverpool to beat Accrington Stanley so you can double that up with the other match as follows:
Bet 1 - Liverpool & Blackburn
Bet 2 - Liverpool & Draw
Bet 3 - Liverpool & Bolton

If the decimal odds were:
Liverpool to win - 1.5
Blackburn - 2.2
Draw - 3.8
Bolton - 2.5

The doubles would be as follows:
Bet 1 - 3.3
Bet 2 - 5.7
Bet 3 - 3.75

If you therefore placed £100 on all 3 bets you would the following profits:
Bet 1 - £30 (£330 returns - £100x3 stakes)
Bet 2 - £270 (£570 returns - £100x3 stakes)
Bet 3 - £75 (£375 returns - £100x 3 stakes)

Therefore, providing your first choice (in this case Liverpool) win, you are guarenteed a profit. Here you stake a total of £300 to earn a minimum of £30 profit and a maximum of £270 profit. The biggest tip I can give you while you start to follow this method is to register at Bet365 and then when you have completed the first Double Bet, you will receive a free matched bet to your first bet up to a massive £200! You can then use it for your next Double Bet to guarantee more free money!