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Progressive Betting

Before you read on, this system can in theory make you a million pound in just over 6 months, starting with £1,000. We'll tell you how to for free without sounding like those silly websites and articles wanting £100's just to describe systems that don't work! If you read this you'll see why it can't go wrong. I would recommend using Bet365 if you are planning on following this programme for football bets or Blue Square if you are planning on betting on the horse racing due to their average odds in comparison to the rest of the market and also their promotions (You will end up taking advantage of them without even realising!).

The Progressive betting system can be used in any sport, so we will use a mixture of two of the most popular, horse racing and football betting in our examples below. What ever sport you like to bet on; just swap it into our examples! Progressive betting can mean you never make a loss! Sounds good doesn't it? Well read on to find out how to do it.

Progressive betting is a long term method of gambling which almost guarantees results if you stick to it and stay patient. The theory I will explain below made me 700% profits in 2 weeks so it's pretty decent. Although I will admit that involved quite a few lucky days! It is most useful on horse racing as there are several meeting running several races every day so you can profit quite well and they are also fairly easy to predict! Football is fairly easy to predict but there aren't too many matches each day, and on the flip side, greyhound racing is very hard to predict but there is a race almost every 5 minutes, every day. So I would prefer horses but you can pick and choose or even use them all! Remember, the favourite of a horse race wins 30% of the time! So in theory you should win on the third or forth bet in the cycle if you bet on the favourite.

The Method

This progressive betting system uses cycles which follow on from each other. You take your betting bank, say £1000 for ease of calculations. You aim to make 2% profit on each bet, so here we would aim to make £20 per cycle. This allows for a run of losing bets. Next, you pick the bet you think will win, say the horse Frankel. Then work out how much you need to stake on the odds to make your £20. So say the odds were evens, you would stake £20 which would return £40 (£20 stake plus the £20 winnings). That is the end of the cycle because you have won. Then you should start again. However, if the bet loses, you have lost £20 so you need to win that back. So you're next bet will need to make £40 profit. So, take you're second horse, say Red Rum. The odds could be for example evens again. So here you would stake £40 to win £80. This would be £20 profit for the cycle (£80 minus £40 stake and £20 from the last losing bet = £20 profit). 

So here's an example of a 3 cycle day:

Starting bank: £1000
Target profit per cycle: 2% = £20
Cycle 1:
Frankel @ evens
Stake £20
Return £40
Cycle profit £20 (£40-£20)

Cycle 2:
Stevie Gee @ 2/1
Stake £10
Yes Tom @ 3/1
Stake £10
Return £40
Cycle profit £20 (£40-£10-£10)

Cycle 3:
Liverpool FC @ evens
Stake £20
Manchester United @ evens
Stake £40
Arsenal @ 2/1
Stake £40
West Ham @ 6/1
Stake £20
Return £140
Cycle Profit £20 (£140-£20-£20-£40-£40)

So here you can see after a streak of bad luck, eventually you will win, obviously it would take the most unlucky person in the world to never win a bet!

As you are only betting a small percentage of your stake, it will rarely get to a stage where you are betting the full balance.

Tip: instead of using every single favourite of the day and to gain the most risk free system, I would use a selection of bets, not every bet available on the day. For example pick 10 horses and use the cycle system through them. Remember, the favourite of a horse race wins 30% of the time! So in theory you should win on the third or forth bet in the cycle if you bet on the favourite. This minimises the chance of a bad day at the tracks where the favourites don't win! For best results use Today's Tips here at Tipped Horse!

You can make as many cycles as you want so there isn't really a restriction! You can even split your betting balance into several sections, for example one for the horses, one for the football and another for the tennis.

Here's a break down of how much you can make:

Starting Balance:
Profit per cycle:
£20 (2%)
Profit per day (averaging just 5 cycles a day)
£100 (10%)
Profit per week:
£700 (70%)
Profit per month:
£2,800 (280%)
£33,600 (3,360%)!!!
All from a £1000 starting bank! And obviously if you save the profits each month they add to your bank so you can keep expanding it. See how if all goes well, you can become a millionaire in just over half a year!! (But be realistic! This is highly unlikely due to bookmaker betting restrictions!)
Month 1 - £1000
Month 2 - £3800
Month 3 - £15,440
Month 4 - £58,672
Month 5 - £222,953
Month 6 - £847,223
Month 7 - £2,372,224

As i mentioned at the start, use the following Bookmakers for your chosen sport:

Football: Bet365 or William Hill. This is because they base their markets on Football punters. As you have probably seen on television adverts, they are highly based around the football markets! They also sponsor a lot of top football teams so increase their odds to draw in the football bettors! Bet365 are probably the best because you get up to £200 when you register compared to William Hill's £50, but they are very similar odds-wise.

Racing: Blue Square are a less famous bookmaker, compared to the two above. But similarly sponsor a lot of big racing events. This had led them to provide high racing odds and promotions to bring in racing fans. If you have ever attended a racing meeting, you may have seen the Blue Square models walking around with little dresses on! As you can imagine... our favourite part of their promotions!!

Good luck!