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Staking Plan 

We use a point system at Tipped Horse to make the most out of our money. To do this, you will need to have a betting bank and stick to your plan. Below is how to simply calculate your stakes.

Betting Bank: £1,000

Divide your betting bank by 100

This will be one point

Use this to bet on our tips and always stick to it. Recalculate your stakes every 10% increase or decrease. So if you went from £1,000 to £1,100 or £900, you would recalculate your point stakes.

The reason we choose a 100th of your betting bank is so that you do not lose a large portion of your betting bank in one bet. Our staking suggestions will reflect our confidence in the bet. If we think it is a good solid tip, we might suggest 4 points; however if it is a bit of a punt, we will suggest 1 point.

We would advise you open an account with Bet365 when starting your betting bank. This is because they offer the biggest sign up bonus. If you are planning to bet regularly, you will keep your money in your betting bank for a while. This is where Bet365 helps us out. They will double your first deposit up to £200! So if you register using the link below, deposit £200, you will have a betting bank of £400 straight away!

Alternatively, if you deposit £800; you will still get the maximum bonus of £200 to make a nice round £1,000 betting bank! And remember, the more money you have in your betting bank, the higher your stakes will be. The higher your stakes are, the more you win! Simple!

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