Profiting from Free Bets

Here you can make literally hundreds of pounds from opening new accounts at different bookmakers. Almost every bookmaker provides new customers with free bets to attract you to spend money on there website. This gives us an opportunity to make money through all bookmakers.

It involves calculating how much money you would have to bet on all outcomes of an event in order to win no matter what the result is. For example in a tennis match between Nadal and Murray, Nadal to win and Murray to win, as they cannot draw. The calculation is as follows:

See below to download a free calculator to tell you what to bet on.

Free Bet Calculator.xls Free Bet Calculator.xls
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Here is an example with two of the best sign up bonuses available to punters, Bet365 and William Hill.

Free Bet = £200
Odds 1 = 6
Odds 2 = 2.2
Odds 3 = 2.4

1: £200 Free Bet Returns £1000 (£200x6-stake)
2: £454.55 Bet Returns £1000 (£454.55x2.2)
3: £416.67 Bet Returns £1000 (£416.67x2.4)

Total Stake = £454.55 + £416.67 = £871.22
Total Return in all Outcomes = £1000
Total Profit for simply signing up = £128.78