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Win At Roulette Every Time

This is a simple gambling system that has been around for years and is known as the Martingale System. This is where you bet on a factor with only two outcomes such as red/black, odd/even or high/low. If the bet loses you double the stake and make the same bet again. You carry this on until you win. This accounts for all your previous losses. However this has been proven to only produce small profits after large eventual stakes. I have trialled this method out personally and began with a stake of £500 and cashed out with £5,000 after 10 minutes "work".

Here is a unique strategy very similar to the Martingale System. Instead of doubling your previous stake, you quadruple it. This means you make a larger profit. The only problem with this is that you need a high starting balance to make decent profits however they will be guaranteed in the long term. The following shows how starting on a 1p bet can result in £1000's if it continues:


As you can see after just 9 rounds, the stake has raised to over £2,000. This is why a large stake is required. However as you can imagine, long streaks of the same outcome are rare, and the longer they last, the more profit you will earn! Paddy Power offer the best sign up bonus here at the minute. This is the perfect place to try out the method. But remember the more you have in your bank, the more you will earn! Paddy Power also offer play money so you can play for free and try it out!